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Post Info TOPIC: Women, Please Quit Enhancing Your Lips


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Date: Nov 8 10:34:48 2009
Women, Please Quit Enhancing Your Lips

So I am taking a dump, reading through the latest Maxim and I come across that blonde chick that was in P. Diddy's "Making the Band" show.  You know, the one who quit.....Well, that's not professional....let me google her right quick....Aubrey O'Day.  I also came across this comparison Pre P. Diddy and Post P. Diddy.  Talk about a makeover.

Anyhow!  There is a spread with her in the back of the latest issue of Maxim, where her lips are the size of pillows.  After seeing it, I just thought to myself that maybe women really think it looks good when they put
collagen, or whatever the hell it is, into their lips.  So, if I am the first one to tell you's disgusting, please stop pumping that shit into your lips, it looks ridiculous.  Here's some lip proof:

Now no one looks more ridiculous than Lisa Rinna.  I couldn't even check out her spread in Playboy.  If I came across it, I would flip the pages as fast as I could, so I wouldn't even catch a glimpse.  Once I analyzed myself, I realized the only thing that made her so unattractive to me was the fact that she has those cat lips......and to be honest, they weird me out.  



Lisa Rinnas Over-Injected Lips

Now that is creepy.


Here's Jenna Jameson.  Although this once lovely creature has been destroying her looks for years, check out this creepy comparison.


Look at our sweet little Christina.  I actually will always love her as the blonde with milky white skin (my favorite version)......but it appears she is on lip steroids too.


So, if you girls are listening out there, please stop doing that crap to your lips.  No one likes it, especially guys.  In fact, we don't even notice your lips because they are never a main focus.  But once you blow them up, that's all we see and I promise you.....I really mean this, it does not look good!! 



Learning to Fly

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Date: Nov 10 10:57:34 2009
RE: Women, Please Stop Using Botox!

I agree!!!! That crap makes a chick look like a clown but I am all for the tit job. God bless her for that.



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Date: Dec 19 14:19:40 2009
Women, Please Quit Enhancing Your Lips

For further proof of the ridiculousness of lip enhancement, look at Nikki Cox, who at one time was one of the yummiest girls on the planet. 
Here's an old pic to refresh your memory, here she is now:

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