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Post Info TOPIC: Doc McGhee Thinks Skid Row Reunion Will Happen, Talks KISS, Motley Crue

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Date: Nov 13 15:18:57 2012
Doc McGhee Thinks Skid Row Reunion Will Happen, Talks KISS, Motley Crue

Here's a great Q&A session with legendary manager Doc McGhee (KISS, Motley Crue, Skid Row).  The Q&A took place on the recent KISS Kruise.  Below you can find a few choice excerpts as well as the actual video.


On the KISS reunion featuring all original member (Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter)

With the lineup with Ace and Peter, it was torture.  It was an every day torture situation.  It was kind of like four guys who didn't want to play together, which I hate.  Outside of the reunion tour we did, it looked like they (Ace and Peter) were mailing it in.  I would have to stay on them every night to get them motivated.


On Peter's recent Autobiography:

Knowing Peter Criss as well as I do, he didn't write half of the shit because he couldn't have remembered it or he couldn't have spoke that well.  There were certain things.....I didn't bother reading the book...I read a few things in it, but that truly never happened...that absolutely never happened.  He was so fucked up in the early days he couldn't remember any of that stuff.  So he must of just got that from someone else and put it in his book.  

On a Skid Row reunion featuring all the original members:

We've been talking about this for years.  I believe that there will be one.  I don't know how soon that will happen, but I do believe it will happen in the next few years.


On the Monsters of Rock Tour in 1984 featuring Motley Crue, AC/DC and Van Halen:

It was the first show in Stockholm (Doc was managing Motley Crue at the time), and Warner Brothers threw this big press party for everybody.  My guys (Motley Crue), at this point, are the dark angels, chemically induced.  But they thought that it was cool to bite people.  If they like you, they would bite you.  They wouldn't just bite you, they would bite you.  So Nikki gets up and bites Eddie Van Halen on the shoulder and he's like, 'what the fuck are you doing'.  About twenty minutes later Tommy (Lee) goes over and bites him (Eddie) on the arm....because they like him.  So then Vince (Neil) goes over to bite him and Eddie grabs Vince by the face and throws him over on the table and they're fighting it out...and then David Lee Roth gets up and goes 'Wahhhhh' (stands in karate pose).  Then Tommy Lee goes, 'oh yeah, I'll fuck you up' and goes after David Lee Roth.  So now Nikki (Sixx) is standing there and Malcolm Young, from AC/DC is standing there and of course he's like this big (hand gestures how small he is).  He looks up at Nikki and goes, 'you know mate, if you try to bite me, I'll chew your fucking ear off'.  Nikki, being a sane guy, grabs Malcolm by the hair and smashes his head up against the wall and says, "And I'll tear your head off and shit down your neck, you little midget' and then he (Nikki) throws him.  And that's how my night's going, right?  So, I get them out of there and get them back to the, we get thrown off the tour.  We haven't even played a show yet;  we play the next day.  So, I'm on the phone with all the managers and they go, 'you're off the tour'.  Motley's as hot as any one of the bands at that moment, they were huge and I said, 'I think you got a riot on your hands...we'll just do our show and get out of there'.  So, they didn't want to do it but they said they would do it because of ticket sales and everything else.  But they said, 'but when you get there you've got to get in your trailer and we're going to have a crane pick up the trailer, then we're going to lower the trailer when it's time for them to go on'.  So, I wake the band up at like 3 o'clock in the afternoon, after we got throw out of the hotel, and I go, 'listen, we got a little problem' and they go, 'what?'.  I said, 'well, you bit Eddie fuckin' Van Halen last night, did you guys not see this, you pissed off everybody'.  They go, 'why, did somebody fuckin' say something?'  I say, 'I've been on the phone since 7 in the morning' and they go, 'well, fuck them'.  I go, 'well, good, that's great, awesome'.  So now we're in the van headed to the show and I'm thinking to myself, I wonder how I'm going to tell them that we are going to be picked up by a crane.  I'm going to have to do some maneuvering, like when they get there and the crane is hooked up to the trailer and they go, 'what's that?', (Doc) 'fuck, I don't know, must be some Swedish thing'. So anyways, I fixed it all and they played their show and now they want to stay and watch Van Halen.  They go, 'dude, we got to watch Van Halen' and I say, 'No, you don't.  You need to get in the van'.  So, we got them out, but that was our first night on the Monster of Rock tour.




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