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Date: Aug 8 20:08:15 2013
Ghost of Ronnie James Dio Spotted at Last In Line's Debut Performance - Footage Available

A number of observers at last week's debut performance of Last In Line in Fullerton, California claimed to have seen an apparition during the performance that looked like legendary Dio frontman Ronnie James Dio.  Raymond Freeman Jr., brother of Last In Line singer Andrew Freeman, said he witnessed the apparition floating just above guitarist Vivian Campbell during the performance, saying it looked an awful lot like the late heavy metal legend.  Freeman also said that his brother appears to be channeling Dio in footage recorded during the performance.  "The moment Ronnie Dio came through this past weekend... Watch the video (shown below)... Right when Vinny (Appice, original Dio and Last In Line drummer] goes too long on the snare fill... Look at my brother's face... That's Dio... channeling through my bro who I have now tagged Di'omen... Weird shit like this runs in my fam. Call me crazy,"  Freeman wrote in a Facebook posting.

Last In Line's lineup includes original Dio members Vivian Campbell (also played with Whitesnake, Def Lepard, Thin Lizzy) on guitar, Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath) on drums, Jimmy Bain (Rainbow) on bass  and Claude Schnell on keyboards.  Filling out the lineup is Freeman, a former frontman for Hurricane and Lynch Mob.  The band plays early Dio material that Campbell helped write and record before his departure in 1986.  Campbell recently spoke out about his public feud with Dio, who also fronted Black Sabbath and Rainbow before forming Dio. 

When the idea for Last In Line was formed, the guitarist began receiving questions about why he would want to go back and play Dio music after the horrible way in which that part of his career ended.  "Why would anyone be against the Last In Line idea?" Campbell told Rock Guitar Daily in a recent interview.  "We wrote and recorded those songs, and we'd like to play them! That's what it comes down to - the only issue being that Ronnie and I had a public spat."  Campbell went on to admit that he did have some regrets about his spat with Ronnie, but said that he had been fired from Dio, rather than quitting as Dio and his widow Wendy attested for years.

"I had a very difficult relationship with Ronnie, and he had a very difficult relationship with me, and it really hurt me that he not only fired me, but he went on to portray it as if I had left the band. So that's what got me so riled up, and I really turned my back on him and the genre of music because I was very, very hurt by what it was he had done to me. I admit that it was childish, but a lot of water has gone under the bridge, and for me, I've taken all that out of the equation."  Campbell went on to say that he and the rest of the band made less than the road crew during the band's heyday, and were promised a full cut of album and merchandise sales as well as tour revenue by the third album.  But when he brought the promise up to Dio after the release of Sacred Heart, Dio fired him, Campbell claims, and proceeded to tell anybody who would listen that Campbell had quit.

To read Campbell's Rock Guitar Daily interview in its entirety, Click Here.








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