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Post Info TOPIC: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Take Jabs at Each Other on TV Show

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Date: Oct 23 22:26:58 2012
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Take Jabs at Each Other on TV Show


The Toxic Twins, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, took some lighthearted jabs at each other on the Jonathon Ross Show.  The best part of the exchange begins at around 3:10.


Here's some excerpts from the interview:


Jonathan Ross: So, I suppose one of the last big fallings out you had is when you accepted a job on American Idol and didnt think to pick up the phone and tell one of your oldest friends?


Steven Tyler: Nah I dont think thats how it happened. I think they were just jealous because I was sitting next to J-Lo. Hes always had a big crush on her.


Joe Perry [to Ross]: No, it was more what you said. [To Tyler] But I thought it was a good job for you. You got to dump all your one-liners and


Steven Tyler: And not put them in the songs, huh?


Joe Perry: No, I never thought it took away from


Ross: Now, I dont want to start an argument.


Steven Tyler: Were not fighting!


Joe Perry: No, this is normal.


Ross [to Perry]: But you didnt know, did you? You found out the same as everyone else?


Joe Perry: Yeah, I read it somewhere.


Steven Tyler: And two months prior to that they were looking for another lead singer so I figured Id fix them good, right?


Ross [to Perry]: Were you?


Joe Perry: Well, after Id read in the paper that he was trying out for Led Zeppelin


Ross: So youre saying, I did this bad thing, but only because you did this?


Joe Perry: This goes back a long way. Forty years


Steven Tyler: Lets take it back. Lets see if we can get to first girlfriends.


Joe Perry: I was just thinking about that today. Because there is a connection there.


Steven Tyler: You see this? How epiphanous!


Ross: Who stole whose first girlfriend?


Steven Tyler: We were in an apartment building and we all lived together, and I thought that was the secret to making it. That was the secret: the band being together and writing songs. I said to Joe, Hey man, were together finally, were writing songs! And he moved out in two weeks with his girlfriend. And Ive never forgiven him!


Joe Perry [to Ross]: And this girl was part of his past lets put it that way.


Ross: His old girlfriend?


Joe Perry [to Tyler]: Well, I dont know. You never really


Steven Tyler: I never really told you what happened with that.


Joe Perry: And you know what? I dont really care!


Steven Tyler: It came out in a song called Love In An Elevator. Actually it was I Dont Want To Kiss Your Thing


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