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Post Info TOPIC: Ritchie Blackmore on Hall of Fame Nomination, "I couldn’t care less"

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Date: Oct 14 12:07:16 2012
Ritchie Blackmore on Hall of Fame Nomination, "I couldn’t care less"



After twenty years of eligibility Deep Purple were finally nominated for possible inclusion into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  But legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who left the band in 1993, told Billboard.com, "Personally I couldn't care less.  I would never go, I'm not really a fan of that stuff. Considering some of the people that are in the Hall of Fame, I'm not sure if it's a good idea.  I think our fans seem to care more than I do. They're always saying, 'You should be in the Hall of Fame'. If I can pay the bills that's all I care about."

Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan recently spoke with VintageRock.com and had this to say:  You've got to take this with great respect. We don't have anything like that where we come from, over in Europe or anywhere else. It's an American thing. It's so completely different. In America, you're great and really do support and show appreciation for your artists, musicians, film stars, whatever it may be. And you give them visible signs in accolades and all that sort of thing. And you cheer and you're very supportive. It's the complete opposite in the U.K. They want to kill you. (laighs) The moment you get up to any form of success, they just want to wipe you out and deride you. It's part of the culture. At the same time, we've just focused on the music.

He added, I honestly can't tell you whether or not we should be there or not. It could be because of the fragmented nature of the band that they wouldn't know how to deal with it.

To us, with the greatest respect, it doesn't mean a lot although it's rather like an award in the U.K., if I were to get one. I probably wouldn't accept it. But then again, after a week of thinking about it, I would accept it because it would be on behalf of the family and friends and everyone who supports the band and who's looked after us after all these years. Its kind of a recognition of everyone. But whether we deserve it, I don't know. I always get embarrassed talking about this stuff.


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