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Date: May 12 06:50:46 2008
Adam Bomb Injures Hand with Firework

Here's an update from Adam.  It happened on May 4th. 

My bass player, Paul De Bello, (who I trust implicitly with my life), gave me a present. He handed me a little firework & told me, "use it, it goes up 2 meters high". He used this firework before, I was skeptical, but I thought it would be ok.

As I was introduced by the promoter of the Vercelli, Italy show, I lit up this little firework and it did not go off, as sometimes my little pyro things do. I took it off my guitar neck and threw it on the ground, and I thought it might jet out to the crowd so I thought I better squash it.

As I reached down with my left hand to grab it, it blew up with the force of an M80 or a quarter stick of dynamite. The boom was massive. The burn was instant. I saw the flesh peeling off of my hand, it was very painful. It was the start of a show. I didn't stop, I just went into show mode & started my set, this particular set started with me doing "Eruption", I did it, but I could really use my ring finger, the pain was too great.

As the seconds ticked on, the pain increased, and the flesh on the palm of my hand started to bubble up. I did the first song, then we went into Let There Be Rock, the ACDC cover we've been doing as the 2nd song of the set on this tour. By the end of song 2, my hand was felt like it was in flames, I was ony able to use 2 of my fingers.

I went through 4 songs before I decided to say fuck this, & I told the crowd, that my hand was fucked & I gotta stop the show. 4 songs was enough for me to warrant getting paid. I told Paul to take me to a hospital, but he was a bit drunk, they appearantly have really good Mojito's at that club we played at. The promoter, Marcello Bongellati, was right there, and within 2 minutes of leaving the stage, I was in his car going to the Emergency Room.

The pain was increasing and unbearable. I've never been blown up in a war, but I think I have an idea what it must be like. It only takes a second. Within 5 minutes I was in the emergency room, & I was in near shock, I was pretty sure that this would end my tour. I've been burned before, (I do pyro every night, set pink on fire etc,) but nothing like this has ever happened to me, and I never felt such physical pain in my life.

The doctor, poured oxygen water on it, put burn cream on my palm & tried to get me to calm down, the pain was greater by the minute, I couldn't believe that I made it through 4 songs just a few minutes before. He gave me a shot in the ass & told me it should start to feel better in 10 minutes or so, but it kept getting worse. As he was wrapping up my hand, he told me I would not be able to play guitar for at least 3 weeks. This info was not helpful and I felt like I had 1000 bee stings on my left hand. Within 30 minutes I was back at the club, the pain killer he shot me with helped only slightly, and when I saw Paul, he looked at me with the saddest eyes. He felt my pain.

My left hand was now a mitten of bandages, & I was told that the bandage could not be removed for 4 days.

I would never use a "new" firework without testing it first, but I saw Paul's photos with this firework he had from months before, and I trust my band members without a second thought, so I decided to use it.

Now had I not taken this firework off of my guitar, it would of blown up in my face, and destroyed my guitar neck for sure. So I consider myself lucky. Of course Paul or myself had no idea that this little firework would blow up, it was supposed to sparkle. Anyway, the damage was done.

Marcello paid me the gig fee & gave me the usual bag of Vercelli Rice, which I told him might make me feel better, (the money, not the rice). The van was packed & we went back to the Emergency room, (I had to drive one handed, since Paul was drunk) and the hospital security, helped us by getting me to a security doctor to write me a perscription for pain killers & something to help me sleep, as the emergency doctor was not allowed to give a perscription or any more pain shots. We found a 24 hour pharmacy, I took the rx and we went back to our hotel which was run by Al Qeda (a whole different story altogether) and I eventually fell asleep, my hand stinging and my brain running on that I had a show tomorrow, bills to pay, an American drummer to take care of, and another 5 weeks of shows that I could not afford financially to cancel. I couldn't afford to cancel one show, let alone 30.

Paul asked his solo band's guitarist Mexx to learn some of our set & I thought I'll have to wing it as a lead singer. In the morning, the stinging subsided, and after a fun afternoon hanging out with terrorists, we drove on our way to the next gig, and I stopped at a different hospital to see if they would change the bandage.

My hand was a swollen clusterfuck of blisters, the worst being a golf ball sized planet of shitewater on my palm and the raw skin on my ring finger. Paul came with me, the nurses did not want to pop the blister, but did wrap my hand up with three fingers exposed. My fingertips were ok, I thought, I might actually be able to play, at least enough to get paid.

This golf ball was not making too pleased though. We came outside with my new wrapped hand, I proceeded to explain to my drummer Bobby (who is an expert on blisters) about this shiteball and I just slightly pushed the bandage and the blister exploded dripping a 1 liter river of yellow shite out the front of the bandage & down my arm. I went back into the emergency room and got it wrapped up again.

Well, I managed to play the show at Mephisto with three fingers, I even did Eruption, so fuck it, the show must go on. I think most Tiffany guitarists would of been on the next plane home crying to mama. Last night, I did 2 shows, an acoustic gig and and electric show in Paul's hometown of Giavenno, Italia. I also went to another hospital & got it wrapped again. (I've been to 4 hospitals since it happened).

Tonite, I got another gig & the 2 days off to heal before I start up in Switzerland for a couple of acoustic shows & our big party in Paris.

I thank God that it wasn't any worse. Here's a few photos taken by Bobby from the past 2 days. Rock Like Fuck, huh?
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