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Post Info TOPIC: Johnette Napolitano

Born Again

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Posts: 758
Date: Dec 1 21:00:20 2006
Johnette Napolitano

Johnette Napolitano


full in bloom music

Learning to Fly

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Posts: 82
Date: Dec 5 17:09:29 2006


Thanks for the videos. She is awesome!



La Jolla News Blog


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Date: Dec 13 16:04:23 2006

I love this interview.  It made me laugh out loud.  Also loved the videos and love the songs



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Date: May 5 03:16:05 2011

Wow... touchy little artsy-fartsy, isn't she? Defensive chicks like this always crack me up; they're always smarter than you, they need to share with the world how miserable they are, and must always project their insecurities on others when they should really be looking in the mirror. I think she's really just pissed off that her music is a product of the WORST era in music ever (the early-late 90s) and will be forgotten when the next nostalgia kick comes around. Keep doing it your way and broadcasting your need to prove something, toots...

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